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Cigarette and Wine Display Cabinet Solid Wood Retail Counter Cash Display Showcase for Sale

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Cigarettes and wine are profit products in retail shops. Here is a nice wine display cabinet sharing with you. It is good to use in the supermarket, wine bar shops, and retail shops.

wine display counter

Cigarette and wine counter introduction

This is a whole set display showcase to use directly. Includes back cabinet, cashier counter, curve corner display, and even side cabinet. The color can be customized and the size can also match specific shops.

Details information

Back wall cabinet

wall cabinet

The back wall cabinet has a display shelf on the top with spotlights on the top. The center area has a display cabinet in the middle to place cigarettes while both sides have an open cabinet to show wines and other products. On the bottom is a locked cabinet to increase storage space.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter set in front of the cigarette display cabinet. Cashier register set in the middle to check bills. And two ends is higher than cashier register mainly for customers to place products. There is an empty space in front of retail shelves. Clients can buy the products easily when leaving.

Corner display

The corner display shelf is a curved shape, which protects people from hurt. Besides, clients can view items from both sides. It makes full use of the space and decorates the wine counter in a good effect.

Side Cabinet

The side cabinet is set near the entrance, which prevents people enter into working space. And we can place more products here for sale. Behind it is a display cabinet to place more goods and can also use as a storage cabinet.

Products photos show

produce details of counters

We will show all the production steps on photos and videos. So the owner can control the production progress directly. And the wine display cabinet is installed well in our factory, so you can put them together and use it.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, solid wood, stainless steel, etc.
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