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2022 Landscape Solar Lights Waterproof LED Gardening Lamps

Solar Lights Stake Garden Waterproof Lamps Decorative Landscape Lights

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Solar energy is a major direction of future energy development. During the day, solar cells convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it. At night, it can provide power for street lights, which is very clean and clean. If you happen to be looking for a sustainable street light product for your yard or aisle, this is the product for you to keep browsing.

solar lightsProduct Description

Because this solar light will be used outdoors, first of all, we need to consider its waterproof performance to avoid leakage of electricity and water and cannot be used. We have achieved an IP65 rating for this gardening light, which is completely dustproof and can prevent the intrusion of jet water, so you can use it outdoors in the courtyard with confidence.

solar lightsThe height of the whole street lamp is not very high, which can provide lighting for your aisle or path very well. In addition, the top shape of the gardening lights is also designed to be similar to a light bulb. The solar panel is also just installed on the top part of the lamp, and the larger solar panel can convert more solar energy to store electricity.

salor lightsOf course, unlike ordinary street lights, we have designed a lot of street lights colors to make your garden look better at night, not only natural light colors but also blue, pink, green and yellow lights. Let colorful street lights better decorate your patio and aisles.


The translucent part of the street light is made of plastic, which can insulate electricity and ensure safety, and the light pole inserted into the soil at the bottom is made of ABS, which makes it more convenient for you to use and lasts longer.

Solar Lights If you want a higher size street light, you can also let us know, we will provide you with customized service, according to your needs, we will customize a special street light to meet your needs.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials ABS+PC
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