Led Light Strips

LED light stripLED light strip

Do you look for LED light strip? LED light strip refers to the FPC (external circuit board) or PCB hardboard where the LED is assembled on the light strip. Because of its long service life (usually between 80,000 and 100,000 hours), it is also very energy-saving, green, and environmentally friendly, and has a place in various party industries. LED light strips include flexible light strips and hard light strips. In life, we can see colorful LED light strips as decoration to create a special on-site atmosphere. People can also adjust different colors to attract attention.

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Whether it is life or work, add different lighting elements to express beauty and themes. LED light strips have always been favored by people. Although they are simple, their effects are as fascinating as the colors in the pictures and can be added to the design of various indoor environments. LED light strips are mostly used in billboards, shopping malls, and public places, and now the household field can also be decorated with LED light strips.

Introduction of the LED light strip

Led light strip

Number of LED lights

The common number of beads for LED strips is 108 lamp beads and 36 lamp beads. In other words, the more lamp beads in a certain range, the brighter it is. Usually, the high lamp bead number of light strips are used in outdoor, large shopping malls and some public places, while the home decoration light strip uses the low lamp bead number LED light strip. If the living room is relatively large, and you want to use the LED light strip as If the main light is used, a light strip with a high number of beads can also be installed.

The shape of the LED light strip

At present, the most common LED strips on the market are cylindrical and square LED strips. Square LED strips are easy to fix, relatively beautiful, and suitable for the overall environment of the home. The cylindrical LED light belt is suitable for outdoor use, and the light is better arranged.

How to install the LED strip

The common installation methods are pasted, snapped, and embedded. The first two installation methods are more convenient whether they are installation or disassembly. The embedded ones are more suitable for use in some shopping malls and shops. LED The light from the light strip and the wall fused gives a sense of sci-fi.

How to choose LED strips

1. The light should be uniform

The brightness between the lamp bead and the lamp bead should be the same, and the brightness of the end lamp should be the same

2. The light color should be consistent

3. Choose the right color temperature

Generally speaking, high-end hotels, villas, and homes are relatively biased towards LED light strip products with warmer color temperatures. Create a warm, comfortable and homely atmosphere.

LED light strip

4. The light band should be continuous

The continuity of the light band is an important consideration for the effect of lighting design, which is to requires the entire light band to ensure no broken areas and shadows.

5. Convenient connection and installation

The quick-plug, quick-connect, and direct snap-mounted light strips usually have a relatively simple installation method, and they can be connected using male and female connectors. At the corners, you can use male and female plugs and corner cable accessories to connect

6. The light effect is as high as possible

You can choose the LED light strip with the degree of light effect that matches the application scenario. For example, luminous ceilings and display cabinets need LED light strips with high light efficiency

7. Connection length

We need to select the appropriate connection length based on project requirements and on-site construction. Under the premise that the electrical specifications allow and the voltage drop of the driving power supply is controllable, the longer the distance that the LED strip can be connected, the more power saving.

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