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We all know that many children are afraid of cutting their hair. They cry as soon as they sit in the barber chair, so we need to use other methods to attract their attention. There are many styles of barber chairs. Some of them are used by adults, and some are exclusively for children. What I want to introduce to you today is the barber chair for children. Car toys are very attractive to them. So we can design the barber kids' salon chair into the shape of a car.

The cushion in the haircut is the same as the ordinary salon cushion, very elastic and comfortable. From the above design drawing, we can see that the car also has many different shapes. We can choose what we like. Let us look at the details next.

Kids salon chair details

Base diameter: 58cm

Car length:110cm

Car width: 66cm

Total height: 75-85cm

Packed weight: 35KG

This type of barber chair is very popular, and many people who help children get a haircut will buy this type of chair. The car can be separated from the chassis. If you buy it for your own use, you can take the car apart when we don’t need it. You can buy according to the quantity you want. The surface of the car is painted, and the chassis is stainless steel. We can adjust the height of the seat.

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Is the actual object consistent with the picture?

The pictures of our products are all taken in kind, but due to shooting technology, light, display, and other reasons, the actual color received may be slightly different from the photo, and the actual object shall prevail.

When can it be shipped?

We will arrange delivery within 10-15 days after you place the order. Our freight depends on your country and the volume of the goods.

About the car salon chair

The body and door positions will have little pits or pits, which are the screw holes of the inverted mold in the plastic of the abrasives used in the production of children's toy cars. This is a normal phenomenon and unavoidable. It is inevitable that the goods will be squeezed and bumped during handling or transportation, and there may be squeezing marks or slight metal peeling. If you cannot accept it, please place your order carefully.

Ant Display

We are a professional furniture production company. You can see many furniture and equipment in barbershops on our website. If there is no style you like, you can contact us. All of our furniture can be customized, you can send me pictures of your favorite furniture or tell us your ideas. Our designers will help us design. If you have a barbershop, we recommend designing an entire storefront. We will design all the furniture, decoration and equipment inside. So that we can better confirm more details. You can send us your shop floor plan and your logo. Our design fee depends on the shop area, the general is 500-1000$. When we place an order, it can deduct from your balance payment.

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Stainless steel
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