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Black Airstream Pizza Trailer Custom Hamburger Fast Food Truck

Black Airstream Pizza Trailer Custom Hamburger Fast Food Truck

Wooden Style Trailer Hot Sale Food Trailer Car Custom Design

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Trailers and food trucks are more common in the outdoor food business. When we pass the streets, we will see all kinds of trailers or food trucks for sale. Have you ever fantasized about owning your own food trailer and food truck? Just today we have a very unique food trailer to introduce to you.

food trailerFood trailers need not have engine machinery and need to be connected to the front of the car to move. Therefore, long connecting rods are essential and are generally made of thickened metal rods to ensure that the connection is tight, reusable and safe. The key part of the food trailer is the body part, which is the area where you make the food and sell it. You can think of it as a small kitchen, but it also needs to have its own characteristics, so that it can attract the attention of customers and bring you business.

food trailer This food trailer is divided into two parts, with different colors and styles on the left and right sides. One side is the bamboo forest style close to nature, while the other side is the ordinary outdoor dining car style. We also have different decorations for different styles. On the bamboo forest style side, we designed the shape of the window into a wavy shape and specially hung bamboo with two chandeliers outside, which will look very different at night. On the other side is a large hydraulic rod window, which can be used for ventilation if you want to cook food.

food trailerThe whole food trailer is transformed from a small shipping container. After the rust removal is completed, we will carry out a series of painting and coloring treatments to make it durable and beautiful.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal
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