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Wooden Store Display Fixtures Practical Round Retail Display Tables

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Display tables are one of the basic pieces of furniture for showing products in the store, shopping mall, or local market. It can allow customers to have direct contact with products. Not only through simply observing them, but customers can also touch the products then decide to whether buy them.



Details Of The Store Display Fixtures

Using these retail display tables to place your products can easily let these potential customers browse the showing products. The display tables have three different levels to allow products to be placed in one space without taking up a lot of floor area. The overall footprint of this display will be bigger than 905 x 905 mm, and the height is about 1160mm taller to easily be accessed on each level by customers.

These display tables have enough space gap between each level to make placing different heights of items freely.

At the edge of each level, we also carry out edge sealing treatment. Ensure that the products you display will not be damaged, nor will customers be injured in collisions.


In addition, we use several screws to reinforce the main stress areas of the display tables making them more steady.


Material Introduction

The store display fixtures are mainly made from MDF or plywood with surface laminated finished. They are durable and can fit in different shop decorations. The bottom of the fixture is about 520 x 525 mm and has nylon glides to help prevent damage to floors during your use.

Various Selections

To meet your diversified needs, we provide you with different styles of display tables for your selection. There are square shapes and round shapes. Some smaller ones or a bigger one, we designed a variety of styles for your choice.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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