Wooden Display Shelves with AA Column for Sale

Wooden Display Shelves with AA Column for Sale

Wooden Shelves Wooden Stand in Pharmacy Store for Sale

Wooden Display Shelves

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Nowadays, there are many pharmacies in the street, because most people will pay more attention to their the body. In the pharmacy, there are all kinds of display stands you can choose from.

Unique Display Shelves

The material of the Display Stand

The display stand is made of MDF. Because the MDF is easy to shape, and very suitable for the display stand with modeling. On the surface, we use baking paint as the main material. And its display area also has aluminum trough plates, which is convenient for customers to display medicines. The baseboard of the display stand is stainless steel.  

Description for Details


The longer side of this display cabinet is displayed with aluminum-plastic panels, and the two sides of the display cabinet are laminated panels. Viewed from the top down, the shape of the stand is oval. On the other side, there are storage cabinets, allowing customers to better store them.

Basic information

  • Size: 1200*600*800
  • Material: MDF + baking paint
  • Hardware: locks, sliding drawers
  • Other materials: stainless steel baseboard,aluminum-plastic panels.

For the custom new one

We are a custom manufacturer and can customize the display stand for you like the size of the display and the color, and the shape of the stand. For the whole structure of the display stand, we also can customize it for you. We can customize the length, width, and height for you.


How to order?

  1. Contact our sales and tell them your needs.
  2. Arrange the payment and confirm details before production
  3. Quality testing and take the photos and videos for you
  4. Arrange rest payment before shipping.

Production Process



More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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