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Wood Jewelry Display Case Jewelry Rectangle Horizontal Display Showcase With Two Pull Out Decks

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Most of our common jewelry display cabinets are made of wood, which is strong and firm. However, all-wood display cabinets often block the perspective of customers from viewing the products you sell. Therefore, some display cabinets are made of glass, which actually has the same performance as wooden display cabinets. It can perfectly show the charm of jewelry to customers.

Products Description

The Details Of Jewelry Rectangle Display Case

This wooden jewelry display case’s sizes are L48inches x W22inches x H40incehs, and the glass cover on the countertop is 9 inches high. In order to allow customers to observe the details of the product from all angles, we used tempered glass around the display cabinet. Tempered glass is stronger than ordinary glass and is not easily broken; it is also easy to handle if it is accidentally broken.


The corners of the display cabinets are also different from ordinary ones. What we made is not a vertical shape, but a table corner with some curvature like a horseshoe. This makes the display cabinet more stable and will not shake. The overall shape is also more perfect and beautiful.


And for the convenience of taking out the jewelry for customers to try on, we have designed a drawer-type display cabinet for you. When a customer has a fancy to the jewelry product you displayed, you can quickly open the display cabinet and then take it out to give them a try.


Material Introduction

This jewelry display cabinet is mainly made of MDF and tempered glass. MDF is often used in the shop decoration industry because of its flexibility. It has a solid surface and can be used for a long time. It is easy to process into different shapes and has high stability.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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