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Wine racks are a kind of mall display we often see. Generally used in shopping malls and restaurants, and pubs.


The main structure of this display cabinet is a metal display rack, and the bottom is a cabinet for storage. The color can also be according to the customer's preference.


There are three styles to choose from.

  • The first is a single-layer display model. Its bottom is a steel frame and the countertop is a wood grain countertop. The color of the wood grain can be customized.
  • The second is a two-tier display. The stainless steel frame used to display red wine is inclined, so customers can directly put red wine for display. The bottom is for storage.
  • The third type is a three-tier display. The structure is the same as that of the two-story display. There will just be a height gap.

Product details,

We use healthy and environmentally friendly boards. The texture is hard, the pattern is clear and there is no peculiar smell. Its craft uses the edge banding machine to seal the edge. It will make the whole cleaner, not easy to burst, and the whole is beautiful and generous. We chose stainless steel display rack, and the surface is black paint.

The handle of the cabinet door is a European-style handle, and then a silent hinge is adopted. The cabinet door we use is European style embossed cabinet door, which will make the whole effect more beautiful.


The main material is stainless steel and the baking paint as a surface treating. For the cabinet door, we can use the MDF as the main material, and on the surface, we will do the baking paint or veneer.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Stainless Steel
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