which is better for mobile phone business ? a stall on the side of the road or custom a showcase

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         We know that the current mobile phone market is very hot. 
There are many mobile phone brands in the market and competition is fierce. 
People are also keen to buy mobile phones, and every new type of mobile phone will soon be sold out. This also allows many people to see that there is not only a market for selling mobile phones. Similarly, selling some mobile phone accessories and repairing mobile phones is also a very popular business now. 
Therefore, we often see some roadside stalls, a table, and a bench, 
whether it is day or night, to start a business selling mobile phone accessories. 
The equipment is so simple, but is it really good?
      Many friends also think that it is not necessary to customize the mobile phone display , because a table and chair can solve the problem,Why spend money to customize? If a product does not have the help of a display, then the product sell will be reduced by one level.Someone has done a survey and found that the same two products, one is in the showcase, the other is not. After a while I found out
The sales volume of goods placed in the showcase is more than half that of the goods not placed in the showcase. Judging from this data, we can clearly discover the importance of shopping mall showcase production.People will not think that the mobile showcase is a dispensable thing for the mall.
        The mobile showcase is to allow the audience to better watch the exhibits and participate in the exhibition activities. Different exhibits have to directly face different audiences, therefore,The design of the showcase should meet the aesthetic requirements of people, meet the general and specific requirements of display activities, the design and structure of the mobile showcase,It is also designed and manufactured according to the mobile phone to be displayed, so we generally design it as a rectangle or a square, and the four counters display mobile phone products.The counters on each side display different products, such as earphones here, mobile phone cases here, and chargers over there. This is a good classification of products.
           Therefore, from now on, change your mindset and stop thinking that it is not necessary to customize a mobile phone showcase, just rely on a table,Set up a stall on the side of the road, low profit, low passenger flow, business is difficult to do, Please find us and customize a perfect mobile showcase for you
On the other hand, when customers pass by in the mall, they can see what the showcase are selling from different directions, facing customers in need,So it can quickly attract purchase transactions.
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Color white
Dimension 10*10 ft
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Plywood, light box, tempered glass,acrylic
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