Wooden Display Shelves with AA Column for Sale

Wooden Display Shelves with AA Column for Sale

retail display stand

Stainless Steel Rack / Wood Display Stand with Modern Design for Sale

Veneer Display Stand / Display Shelves in Retail Store for Sale

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People nowadays have improved their quality of life. Today I’m going to show you the wooden display stand. You can display it at home or in a shop. This style of display is suitable for displaying some treasures.


The main material of the display stand is MDF, and the surface is veneer. This type will be more attractive and unique.

Display Stand, The display stand we have three space to display the product, and the middle of the display stand has the cabinet to store the good. The cabinet is the shape of a small cylinder to make the display stand more unique. Besides this, the sides of the display stand also have the shape of a small cylinder. The bottom of the display stands has some drawers and can pick out the goods easily.

Display Shelves, The display shelves have 4 floors to display the product. The whole style is similar to the above. Just the unique display stand is structure. The bottom of the display shelves has a cabinet to store the goods.

How to make a new one?

We are a custom manufacturer and can customize the bar counter according to your requirements like the size, color, structure, and so on. After you satisfy the unique display showcase and will make the display stand according to your requirements.


It includes two packages which are the outside package and the inside package. The outside package is a wooden cabinet that is made of MDF. The interior package is EPE foam. We use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the display stands. The fix with film.

Time: Production time will take 22-25 working days. The shipping time depends on which port is near to you.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF+Veneer
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