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USA Hair Salon Reception Desk Curved Welcome Counter & Baking Paint Front Table for Sale

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Beauty Hair Salon Shop Reception Counter in USA

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Are you looking for a nice reception counter for a hair salon shop? Hair Salon furniture includes a reception desk, display cabinet, styling station with a mirror, etc. Here is a high-quality salon reception desk with a good design. Today, here is a nice design for you.

reception desk with light

USA hair salon reception desk design

This reception desk is installed in the USA salon shop, the size is 2743 W x 1200 D x 1200mm H, or we can view it 9ft W x 4ft D x 4ft H. It is in off white and brown color, matches the shop decoration very much. Let’s view details together.

Reception desk description

Front decoration

This reception desk is a curved shape, which looks very creative and can increase working space. The white cover on the top for the hidden light lamp. It attracts the eye’s attention and bright the reception desk. While the bottom is a brown color with golden kicking.

Back decoration

Behind the reception counter usually has a working desk, sockets, lock cabinet, and drawers. We can see the work counter is lower than the front plate, we can place things here for good usage. In the middle area is a space for legs. Lockers and drawers can also be used as storage cabinets. When getting a haircut, the client can store bags here.


The reception desk is mainly used for cash registers, customer reception, storage, etc. Our brand logo can also be placed here to deepen the impression.

Material Introduction

Main material: MDF. It makes the reception desk in a curved shape.

Surface material: Baking paint. This hair salon reception desk is a matte baking paint finish.

Kicking: Golden stainless steel. The matte gold color well matches the reception desk.

Other materials: Light lamp, hardware, socket, wires, etc.

Produce details:

  1. Make wood body. Workers cut up the wood into pieces and put them together as plan. It usually needs 8-10 days to complete
  2. Make surface treatment. We should paint it at least 5 times to get the target effect. The baking paint step needs about 12-15 days
  3. We should install the cabinet, light, sockets well in this step. Usually needs about 3-5 days.

Real produce photos show

reception desk front side reception desk back side


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, stainless steel, light lamp, etc.
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