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Unique Shape Coffee Stand New Invention Retail Coffee Shop Display Counter in Mall for Sale

Customized unique shape coffee stand 

Popular Design coffee counter with logo

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Coffee stand becomes more and more popular in the shopping center. Many people plan to start a business with a small coffee counter. Because it needs small budget and gets return soon. Here is a unique shape coffee stand sharing with you.

Harp shape coffee stand introduction

Color description

The main color of the coffee stand is gray, looks very attractive and upscale. It is also customized color, such as black, brown, pink, blue, green, etc. We can see how it looks like when a change to other changes from the below design photo. Please choose a color before order.

coffee stand

Coffee counter details

This coffee shop counter looks like a harp with a curved contour. It has a curved top with a brand sign and a curved left side with stick decoration. Spotlight attach to the ceiling to brighten the coffee stand.


It has a table on the coffee kiosk counter with bar chairs, clients can sit down and drink coffee. The body of the coffee counter is a poster with a brand sign. It not only use for decoration but also let clients remember us better. Next to the table is a glass display cabinet with a cashier register.


Behind the coffee, the counter is lock cabinets and drawers. Workers stand here to prepare and sell food. We should also leave space for equipment. This coffee counter has lock doors, so we can lock well at night for security.

Material show

We use MDF to make the coffee cart body. The surface material is baking paint. Other materials include tempered glass, light lamp, stainless steel kicking, posters and logo, and hardware, etc.

coffee counter

Size information

This coffee shop size is 160cm*50cm*220cm, a very standard food stand in the shopping center. We can also make the coffee stand fit for your location size.

How long to customized a coffee stand?

The design needs about 3 workdays. Produce time needs 15-18 workdays.

coffee shop in mall

More Information
Color grey
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, light box posters, etc.
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