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No matter in the shop or company, a reception desk plays a vital role on the brand image. It is very necessary for you to pay attention to the reception desk design effects. Nowadays, more and more people like the parametric desk. Why is such kind desk so popular? Let’s view some designs with details together.

L shape type

This one parametric desk is L shape. We can see its lines are so clear and intensive. A whole desk is made by many pieces wooden materials. When they are put together, they can create the beautiful radian well. Normally, all the parametric reception desk lines are rough and bumpy, but their radian can be different with a elaborate design. Its countertop is glossy stone materials. The L shape layout can have 3 seats for the receptionists. Such kind reception desk looks very high grade.

parametric desk

Straight type

This one organized reception desk is straight. Its wooden color is light. The wooden type materials are optional. Its surface structure is higher than the countertop and its radian is big, which is one point high and one point low. The straight parametric front desk looks generous. But it needs relevant size such as 3m. If the size is too small, the effect will not good the same as big one, because the radian needs the parametric.

parametric front desk

Large type

For some big mall or big occasions, some enterprise pursue creative and an exaggerated style for the reception desk. Look at this one desk, it is so big. The desk is S shape and structure is irregular, which can catch people’s eyes easily and let them amaze. The U shape end of the desk is tale area with storage shelves for staff to work. Its other rest part is full of design and imagination. The rest part two sides can be for people to sit on it for a rest. The large desk with great design is also a good decoration for the building interior part. And it adds the art atmosphere. The workmanship is intertwined and delicate.

organic reception desk

Modelling type

The parametric desk can be made into all kinds of models if you have the ideas. Look at this one front desk, the model is like a fat fish, which looks very cute, beautiful and delicate. It not only has the shapes but also can show the radian lines. Its application is wide, and you can place it at any shops. The desk is also one part of the shop decoration.When people have a good impression on your desk, you can think about your shop at once.

organic front desk

Real workmanship show

Here are some production effects to show the organized desk. You can see the workmanship and details are very clever. All is handmade by skillful, professional and experienced workers.

parametric reception desk

Customization item

Size, color, shape, structure, and materials all can be customized. As long as you have some ideas and requirements, our design team can meet your requests and create one wonderful design of the parametric desk for you.


About the materials, we can use hard import plywood, solid wood, rubber wood, birch or other wood materials. The materials all are high quality with a good texture and show the best effects of the desk.

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