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High-end L-shaped office reception desk and marble stone reception desk for dental shop

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Unique Marble Design Reception Desk High-end Customized Office Front Desk

High quality reception desk

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We all know that first impressions count in interpersonal interactions, so the front desk, the "front desk" of the company, is crucial to the overall design. We all want to design the reception desk as one of the highlights of the office, hoping to give a positive impression to visitors. Excellent front desk design, not only give people a deep impression, but also can improve the sense of identity of the enterprise.

Description of the reception desk

The size of the reception desk is 160*60*100cm, which can be customized. This one reception desk material is made of the black and white marble. The marble has grain, which looks very good. The marble is very durable, after the general spread of marble, basically do not have to remove to repair, because the resistance of marble is very good, high hardness, wear resistance, and not easy to deformation. Besides, it is very beautiful and easy to clean. Not only the computer can on the reception desk, some green plants can be on it too. There are the cabinets of the desk to hold some files.

There are several types of front desk: paint front desk, marble front desk, board front desk, solid wood front desk, etc. Office furniture desk is generally tailored more in line with the mind, the front desk as a part of the purchase of furniture. Accurate size is required, and the style and style of the front desk also requires careful design. It should be noted that the decoration style of the reception desk, the background wall and the enterprise hall of the office front desk can be seen that the design style and the materials used in the front desk are integrated with the large environment and achieve a certain harmony in tone.

The material, size, and color can be customized for you, and we will offer you the suggestions according to your company or any shop style.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials marble
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