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Tall Glass Display Showcase Wall Glass Display Cabinet Practical Transparent Glass Case

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Glass display cabinets are often used in our lives. They are not only practical but also beautiful. You can use it to display or collect collections. The use scene is also very wide, whether it is placed at home or in your shop, it is a good choice.

glass display showcase


Glass Display Showcase Details

glass display showcase

As you can see from the pictures we showed, this glass cabinet is used to store red wine. We have designed a four-layer board for you to place the product so that there is enough space for you to use.

wall glass showcase

The whole cabinet is equipped with tempered glass on three sides so that the light transmission performance is better, and it is also convenient for you to see the products displayed inside. Each layer of the laminate is reinforced with metal supports to improve the overall load-bearing performance.

new custom glass case

If you need to install light strips and other accessories in the cabinet, we can also customize it for you. If you have any needs, just tell me, we can meet you.

Main Material


The frame of this glass display cabinet uses a metal frame, and the glass uses thickened 8mm tempered glass, which better guarantees the quality of your products.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Glass, Metal and MDF
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