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In addition to helping us organize the appearance of the instrument, the mirror itself can also be used as a decoration in our home shop. If you feel that you cannot find a suitable mirror, today I will introduce you to a different decorative mirror.

Decorative Mirror


You can tell the difference between this mirror and our ordinary mirror at first glance. Since its main function is for decoration, we cannot make any changes to the mirror surface, so we remodeled its shape. Start with its outer frame and design it into a style that looks like a sunflower. This way when you install it on the wall, it looks very high-end.

Decorative Mirror

In fact, this product can also be called handicrafts, works of art. To a large extent, it is used to improve the grade of your home decoration. If you don't like this style, shape, and color, we can also customize it according to your requirements and provide customized service, but this will have a minimum order quantity.

Decorative Mirror


The main materials for making this product are metal iron and glass, we can also use stainless steel to make the main body of the product, and the corresponding cost will increase.

Decorative Mirror

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal
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