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T-shirt Display

We all know that T-shirts are one of the most common sales items in all clothing stores. All kinds of people can wear T-shirts. They are very comfortable to wear. So how do you make people more inclined to choose the T-shirts in your store? In addition to price, style, and quality, the T-shirt display also plays a very important role. If you also sell T-shirts, you must find a way to make your T-shirt display stand out. What’s the T-shirt display? It means a product used to display and show T-shirt.T-shirt displays include display racks, display stands, display shelves, display cabinets, and counters used in a retail clothing shop,also include the T-shirt display kiosks. The T-shirt display can be made of wood, also can make of metal. Like T-shirt display rack as usually used metal with powder coating finish. The cabinets and stands can use wood with laminate or paint finish. Recently years,customize t-shirts becomes more and more popular.people are glad to design the T-shirts as their needs, they are very unique and creative. So if you are starting your business, can consider to do a T-shirt display to sell T-shirts. Ant Display has a large variety of metal display racks, Freestanding display racks, and display tables, display kiosks for T-shirt clothing retail. Browse our page and find your best display fixtures.
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We aim to meet different kinds of T-shirt business, so the T-shirt display we are doing includes retail T-shirt display racks, shop T-shirt wall shelves and racks, T-shirt display stand, T-shirt display cabinet, Slatwall accessories, mannequins, and display tables. In a retail clothing shop, for some T-shirts, you need to show all styles and easy for customers to select you can choose display racks and Slatwall display, mannequins also a good choice. If used to put stock you can choose display shelves and cabinets. They can be used to put different size T-shirt and stock.

t shirt displayCustom T-Shirt Display For Sale

Ant display's T-shirt display stand can effectively display T-shirts, shirts, and other products in a unique and simplified way. Consumers can easily choose their favorite products, and the salesperson does not have to recommend them one by one. The T-shirt display furniture we provide can be used to display clothing, gifts, medicines, shoes, and mobile phone accessories. It can be used as a different store and has a wide range of functions. T-shirts account for a large part of the apparel industry. It has a variety of styles, a wide range of consumer groups, and a large demand. Here we have many creative and functional T-shirt display designs for you to choose. You may ask: do you accept customize? can I customize the T-shirt display stand I want? yeah sure. Ant display limited is a company which only make Mass-produced products, also accept customize, we can also customize the display as your needs.

Here are some functional T-shirt displays:

  1. The grid wall is commonly used in the storefront. Net partition is a kind of display fixed on the wall. You can hang the T-shirt on the hook. This display method is very space-saving.
  2. Metal floor display stand. You will find that almost every clothing store has a lot of display shelves. It only needs a small space to display many products. Customers can choose styles and sizes at will, which is very convenient.
  3. Mannequin display. Mannequin display is usually used to display some new products and hot products. They are usually placed in attractive places, such as a window or store entrance.

Our T-shirt display is made with high-end materials and production technology, which is very practical and strong. The basic materials as usually have plywood, MDF, metal, solid wood, surface finish as usually can be laminate, paint, powder coating. the metal with powder coating suitable for T-shirt display racks.Because display racks need to put many styles show customers, need be very durable. the wood materials can be used for display shelves and display stand, display cabinets. If you like a smooth and glossy look can choose a paint finish if you want it looks to nature, and high-end can choose solid wood, or use plywood with a wood veneer finish.

Where To Buy Low-Cost T-shirt Clothing Displays?

Ant display is a powerful retail T-shirt display furniture and mall T-shirt display kiosk manufacturer. We have 10 strong design team and our own workshop, if you want just same style showed on our web, we can just do that style for you, Here we have many different models ready for you to choose.if you want to customize your own T-shirt display stand or racks, we can help you design it, then follow the design to customize it. have many customers worry about to assemble, here I want to tell you, no worries! before we load the T-shirt display cabinets, we will already go wires, we will install logos, lights, hardware. If you bought are T-shirt display stand or cabinets, just put them in the shop and connect your shop electricity then can use it. if you bought are T-shirt display shelves, you can just use screws to fix on your wall.

If you want to buy some T-shirt display furniture, can follow these steps to order:

  1. firstly you need to tell us what kind of display you need, display racks or stand or cabinets, etc.
  2. Second, you need check if our web has one style you like, and tell us to need how big, we will check the price for you; if no style you like you can tell us your needs, want what kind style, what color, what materials, etc. we can help design it for you see.
  3. Third, After you ok with design, we will follow the design to get the price for your ref, then you can arrange us a 50% deposit for production, the production as usually 15-18 workdays
     Finally, after production finished you arrange us a 50% balance

Feel free to contact us if you have any needs or want to get more details.