Attractive teeth whitening kiosk | mall teeth care stand

Attractive teeth whitening kiosk | mall teeth care stand

Functional smile lounge teeth whitening kiosk dental care booth used in mall

Functional smile lounge teeth whitening kiosk dental care booth used in mall

Special shape for mall teeth whitening kiosk | free design mall stand

Special design mall teeth care stand

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This teeth whitening kiosk consists of two parts. One is the front desk and the other is the working area. The workspace in an irregular shape, like an S-shape, and it has three work areas. Each section is a single compartment, providing privacy to the client. Each cabinet is pasted with the product publicity picture and logo so that customers can see clearly what we do. The size of this kiosk is 5x2m, it made of MDF and baking paint. It looks very attractive. In each compartment, we will install your national standard sockets so that you can put your equipment inside and they can run your machine. The installation of the kiosk is also very simple. After we receive the goods, we only need to put the separate cabinets together. Then connect the mall power supply, it can work.


We all know that teeth are very important to us, we use them for energy, a good set of teeth can add a lot of points to our image. So many people want to take care of their teeth. There are many businesses that are suitable for the mall, including dental care or whitening. The cost of a mall kiosk is not high, it is much cheaper than opening a store. So it is a good choice to make a kiosk in the mall. After we sign the contract with the mall, we can prepare our kiosk.

What is the complete process of getting a kiosk?

  1. Contact us and tell us your mall space, your business, and your requirements. If you have your favorite kiosk's picture, you can send us. Then we can according to this kiosk style and combine to your mall size to make a new kiosk's design. When we finish the design, you can send it to your mall. We will also provide the kiosk's construction drawing, it has all the details of the kiosk. Include the dimensions and materials of each section, and the socket distribution and circuit.
  2. When you submit the design and construction drawing to your mall, if they have any comments, you can tell us. Then we can according to their comments to modify the design until it gets passed.
  3. After confirming all the details, we can start production. During the production, if you want to know the process, we can take a picture for you. Our office is close to our factory and you are welcome to visit it any time you like.
  4. Before shipment, we can send you the kiosk's full video and photos, if no problem, we will arrange the shipping. If you want to know the shipping fee, you can send me your nearest port or your address. Then we can check the shipping fee for you. We usually ship the goods by sea. If you want to ship by air, please tell us.

Design: Our design deposit is 300USD for a mall kiosk. When we place an order, it will be returned to you.

Production time: 22-28 working days.

Transportation time: It depends on your country.

Payment terms: 50% order deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment.

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Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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