high quality irregular reception desk for office reception desk beauty salon

high quality irregular reception desk for office reception desk beauty salon

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Solid wood cash counter

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It is neccessary for shop to have a cash counter, there are a solid wood cash counter, you are allow to match your shop. The rich natural wood tones of this checkout counter makes it an attractive furniture piece that will suit any decor.


Retail stores favor these types of checkout counters for many reasons, including its dual functionality as an area for customers for finalize their purchases as well as a focal point to showcase point of purchase items and small high value items. This checkout counter is a favorite of specialty boutiques for its balance of style and utility as well as the ability to provide a friendly area to engage and assist clients. Commercial and office environments also prefer this type of checkout counter for its durability.

Features and benefits of this checkout counter are the two height adjustable shelves which allow for merchandising items of various heights and sizes. A glass viewing area to show additional items which consumers may not actually be in the market for, but may decide to purchase upon checking out. The mirror back gives an elevated view of the items within, making them more appealing to the eye - the locking sliding back doors makes it easy for employees to access items on display. The attached 24" wide checkout stand with ledge gives the staff a separate area to assist customers with their purchases. The checkout stand area of the display has adjustable shelves, which can be used to store supplies.

cash couter

Detailed information

Dimensions - 60" L X 22" W X 40" H or customized

2 adjustable height 1/4" thick tempered glass display shelves

36" W x 22.5"H Display Area

24" wide register stand with raised check writer ledge

Check writer ledge is approximately 5" tall

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials solid wood
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