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Luxury outdoor cafe cup round shape street coffee booth

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coffee kiosk

Attractive wood fast food kiosk with food display coffee kiosk uses in mall

Small Special Coffee Kiosk Shopping Mall Little Cafe High-end Coffee Counter

High-end Kiosk in high quality

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Many people like to drink coffee. Coffee not only smells nice but also have many effects. There are many coffee booth and kiosk or store in the mall. How to make your kiosk more special and attractive, Anti Display Limited can offer you the answer. We can customize the unique style and shape for you.

Description of the coffee kiosk

This one coffee kiosk is very high-end. The main color is black and rose gold. The color match very well. The kiosk size is 8*6ft, it is small but enough big for the staff to work. The structure is very simple. At the front side, two small counter with the logo sign. One is for the cash register and another one is for the machines. There are many cups on the top of the machine for customers. At the back side, it is with a roof structure, and the lights are designed at the roof. Besides, the brand and logo sign are also at the roof top too. The back wall is the poster of the coffee pictures to show to people.

The kiosk is very suitable for a new business start within limited cost. The cost is less much than the coffee shop. As long as you have the machine, and know how to make the coffee better, you can start your business with the kiosk in the mall. The cabinets of the counters can hold some coffee materials and cups for you.

To own a wonderful design is not difficult. Please contact us to talk about your size, style you like or some special needs. Then our designer can make your needs all on the design to show you the effect. Any suggestions can be offered after you get the initial design then we will change it for you.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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