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Such as some jewelry, glasses, watches and other valuables, and the volume of the items is not too large that type, the general display way most of the choice is the glass display cabinet. general characteristics are very good of this kind of display case. It is easier for guests to watch, and it is easier to protect items and prevent the loss of items. In the customer back and forth at the same time, it is easy to guarantee not to lose the goods of valuable and small size, .

Therefore, this kind of glass display cabinet will be used, which is not only convenient for guests, but also to ensure the safety of items.

Description of the display cabinet

This one display cabinet size is 120*60*95cm. The specialty of the this showcase is made of brushed stainless steel plated rose gold with a mirror inside, which can reflect the jewelry in the showcase and let people feel they are attractive. It is equipped with 6000K cold white LED energy-saving lamps. About the glass, it is the super white glass, which can offer a better visiting view to people. Inside the showcase, it is MDF coated rice white PU leather. The LED transformer is installed at the showcase bottom. At the cabinet middle, it can be designed the logo sign or some goods names on it to show to people.

Stainless steel features

The main material of the display cabinet is the stainless steel. There are many features of the material.

  1. Anticorrosive and moisture-proof -- hard and thick and high, firm structure, strong anti-corrosion, no deformation, no cracking.
  2. The superior performance is easy to process, use, cut surface is smooth, electroplating seal melt (no fingerprint processing) environmental protection.
  3. Good texture - texture tough dense, delicate.

Anti Display Limited can customize the showcase according to your shop interior design and your needs. If you have a shop and want to have a interior decoration, please contact us to learn about more information.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Stainless Steel
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