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Segway Mall Display Kiosk Electric Scooter Retail Booth

Segway Mall Display Kiosk Electric Scooter Retail Booth to Canada.

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Segway, also known as the body sense car, thinking car, camera car, etc. There are mainly two kinds of single wheel and double wheel in the market. It operates on a fundamental principle known as dynamic stability.

The gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the vehicle body are used to detect the change of the vehicle body attitude, and the servo control system is used to precisely drive the motor to adjust accordingly, so as to maintain the balance of the system. It is the product of a new type of green environmental protection used by modern people as a means of transportation and entertainment.

With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, the number of electric vehicles is increasing day by day. At the same time, scientists after painstaking research, finally developed a new two-wheeled electric balance car.

Here are the description of the Electric Scooter Retail kiosk:




White, blue


1 Set

Model No



8mm tempered glass


3D Acrylic lighted logo

Basic material

MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard )

Surface finishing

White color baking paint

Blue color stainless steel edges


Blue color led lights


Same lock with key, stainless steel toe tick, all the wires and sockets


Foam inside and wooden box outside


Other information you may want to know:

The production time:

It will take about 25-28 working days after we confirm the final 3D design, construction drawing and all the details.

The shipping time:

It depends on the nearest destination port from you. We will check the shipping cost for you to the port or to your door to door address.

The installation:

We will assemble the whole kiosk in our factory before we ship the kiosk. You just need to connect the male & female connector together, the kiosk is sparkling ready to use. 


We are online and welcome to contact us if you want to make an electric scooter kiosk, thank you.


More Information
Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF & Baking paint
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