Massage Equipment

massage equipmentAre you looking for massage equipment? Massage equipment is a must-have for opening a store, including two types of massage chairs and massagers. Among them, the massage chair is a more comprehensive body massage, and the massage equipment is a massage appliance for a certain part of the body. The massage equipment is a new generation of health care equipment developed based on physics, bionics, bioelectricity, medicine, and many years of clinical practice. With the continuous improvement of modern living standards, massage equipment has become a health investment and is accepted by people.

Ant Display Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of massage equipment. The company is committed to continuously providing high-quality products and services for hair salons and beauty salons through continuous technological updates. Our company’s development and technical personnel can provide customers with customized massage equipment engineering design solutions. The company is responsible for the research and development of high- and mid-range massage chair accessories and massage equipment. We adhere to the business philosophy of quality, customer first, and honesty, and sincerely make friends provide more customers with quality products and services! No matter what kind of massage equipment you want, you can find it in Ant Display.

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With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people value their health. And massage equipment can help people maintain a good figure and have a strong body. With the changes of the times, Massage equipment has been improved in terms of color, material, and design, making it easy to use. It includes massage tables, massage chairs, portable massage beds, massage pillows, massage sticks, etc.

massage equipmentsMassage pillow

The massage pillow is a hidden health care product that combines the meridians and acupoints of traditional Chinese medicine with modern technology. It can make you look refreshed and get a good relaxation during sleep. It is a very good invisible massage tool. The massage pillow is mainly based on the combined effect of the strength of the magnetic poles and the formation of hidden acupuncture points. Under the ingenious biological action, the spiritual electricity is guided to stimulate the hidden meridian and acupuncture points and promote blood circulation in the brain.

Massage stick

The massage stick is a small massage device that beats, touches, and kneads, and it is also the easiest massage device to carry. The massage stick can make you feel relaxed because its pounding can massage every inch of the skin to drive away fatigue

Massage cushion

The massage pad works through three massage methods, including beating, acupressure, and beating massage. You can set a 20-minute timer, which is very suitable for home, office, and car use. The massage pad can also be used to massage the meridians, acupoints, portraits, and body surface of the waist, back, and shoulder joints of the human body through buttons. Massage can promote the blood circulation of the human body, relieve pain during use, and regulate the rhythm nerves.

massage equipmentMassage chair

The massage chair is a large piece of massage equipment that can be massaged all over the body. He covers head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, waist, buttocks, legs, and feet massage. It is relatively complete massage equipment. The massage chair has a variety of targeted massage methods, quickly relieves soreness and fatigue, promotes blood circulation, and makes us feel comfortable. The vibration massage function of the massage chair, through the vibration massager, can produce continuous massage oscillation waves, promote the blood circulation of the capillaries, and quickly eliminate fatigue. While the unique kneading mechanism of the massage chair can imitate the kneading technique of a professional masseur, applying traction, squeezing, kneading, and other massages to the sore and numb muscles of the back, which will produce gentle stimulation to the muscles. Different intensities of kneading massage on key parts can restore muscle fiber elasticity and speed up blood circulation.

Foot massage equipment

The foot massage equipment is to massage the feet of the human body in the form of the body, including the soles of the feet, the tops of the feet, the ankles, or the like. To achieve the massage equipment of health care!


  1. Promote blood circulation, promote promotion, promote improved sleep, so that the brain can get sufficient oxygen, and make you refreshed and clearer;
  2. Prevent and improve high blood sugar, rheumatic pain, and backache;
  3. Improve the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, and joint pain.
  4. Relieve paralysis and varicose.
  5. Promote healthy qi and blood circulation and prevent pain.