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Round-shape pedestal jewelry display showcase | necklace display stand for sale

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The product we are going to introduce today is very popular. It is also very commonly used in jewelry stores. It is often used to display necklaces. Generally, only one product can be displayed in a cabinet, so this product is very valuable. We all know that before we start a jewelry store, we need some tools to display jewelry, such as the glass display cabinet and neck display model shown above. When we want to display a single necklace, we can choose to buy such a necklace display, and then put them in the display cabinet, so that the effect of the necklace will look better, and customers can also understand our products more intuitively.

The product to be introduced today is quite special, it is round, and the materials used are relatively rare. The top is an arc-shaped transparent acrylic cover. Because of its shape and material, it is not possible to install a light strip inside the acrylic cover. So this requires our store to be bright enough to give customers higher viewing experience. Let’s look at its details.

Jewelry display showcase for sale

Diameter: 460mm


Material: MDF, Acrylic

Surface finish: Leather

Kick: Stainless steel

Price: 800 USD


Ant Display

The highlight of this product is its stainless steel design. We can see that its top and bottom are surrounded by a circle of stainless steel. There are some words engraved on stainless steel. These words can be our brand name or logo. The place where the necklace is displayed can be the flannel of the same color as our cabinet, which looks soft, similar to the inside of our jewelry box. One of our customers likes this style very much, and he has bought a lot of such display cabinets from us. It is our old customer, and his evaluation of our products is very high.

Ant Show is a furniture customization company. We have been in this industry for more than 12 years. We have provided services to customers in many countries. We have cooperative relationships with customers in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Ireland, Serbia, and other countries. Of course, our company is open to the world, and we can transport the goods to any place you specify. We have our own factory and design team, all products are ex-factory prices. You can get a high-quality product and a satisfactory price from us.


When you place an order, we will submit the order to our factory. If you have any special requirements, you can leave us a message. The amount of furniture will determine the production time. The production time of a single product and a batch of products are different. We recommend mass production, which will be more efficient and cost-effective. When our order arrives at the factory, our staff will study the drawing first to confirm that it is normal and the materials and workmanship are reasonable. If the craftsmanship and materials are reasonable, they will start production, if you are reasonable, they will report back to the manager. The manager will confirm with the designer, if there is any need to change, we will confirm with you. We will only produce after getting your consent. So our production is very transparent and you can understand every detail. Production time is about 28 working days when we confirm the detailed drawings. It also depends on the furniture quantity.


The packaging of all our products is very rigorous. After the goods are completed, we will send you the video and pictures. After the confirmation is correct, we will start packaging. First of all, we will use EPE foam corners on the four sides of the cabinet to avoid bumps. When the corners are covered with EPE foam, we will wrap several layers of stretch film on the outside of the cabinet, they can fix the foam at the corners and protect the accessories inside the cabinet. After these treatments are done, the cabinet will be packed into a wooden box. After the cabinet is finished with these treatments, it will be packed into a wooden box. After it is placed in the wooden box, four more foam boards will be placed around the wooden box. Layers of protection, so that our cabinets can be safely transported to your designated place. Our mode of transportation is sea transportation because the price of air transportation is very expensive. If the customer has no special requirements, we all default to sea transportation. Different countries have different shipping times, the general shipping time is 25-35 days.


Since this kind of display cabinet has a separate cabinet and no light strip, hi does not need to be assembled. When you receive the goods, you can use it directly. If you also need to buy a necklace for display, you can come here to buy it. →Necklace Display

Payment terms

Our products have prices and quantities, and you can place an order according to the quantity you need. Our payment term is 50% order deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment. We support TT wire transfer and Western Union. After receiving the deposit, we will start production and arrange transportation after the balance and freight are collected.

The display cases in the jewelry store have a great impact on our product sales, so we need to spend a little more time to choose a display case that suits our store and product style. Hope you can find your favorite showcase here, we will do our best to serve you.

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Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF, Acrylic, Leather
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