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I don't know if you find that the trend of aesthetics always repeats itself, and you occasionally like to decorate with a little retro flavor in the past. This is not only reflected in the design of clothing and bags, but also in the decoration of store furniture.

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Product Details

The design of our display stand is very delicate, with a later-period retro style. From the choice of color and the matching of decorations, it is all based on this. Each piece of transparent glass is embedded in a light-colored wooden frame to form our overall glass window. The entire display window is located on a dark base also appreciate your display cabinets.


The display cabinet has a total of 3 layers of glass panels, and each piece of flat glass is clamped in the outer frame and supported by a metal frame. Make it have good load-bearing performance.

We designed a decorative handle made of brass on the outer frame, through which the cabinet can be opened, and the highlights of the overall decoration of the display cabinet are also reflected here.


Main Material Introduction

Before, we usually used MDF or plywood to make display stands or kiosks. While this time, in order to make the overall match effect better. We recommend that you use solid wood or logs to make this retro display cabinet. So the cost of it will be higher than the normal material made one. And about the tempered glass, besides this, we can provide you with ultra-clear glass. It can look more clearly through it.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Solid
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