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In maternal and child stores or retail stores, we can often see some small Island cabinets. They are placed in the middle of the store. Generally, their size is not too large. Products can be placed on all four sides, and the capacity is very large. What I want to introduce to you today is the furniture that is very commonly used in retail stores.

These cabinets have different shapes and sizes, we can buy suitable cabinets according to our situation. The color can be changed. The picture on the picture is wood color, we can also choose a solid color. For example, black or white.

Cabinet Details

Basic material: MDF/Plywood

Surface finish: Baking paint/Laminate

Color/size: It can be customized

Whether it can be dismantled: No

Cabinet Production

We are a display furniture production factory. All the furniture is custom-made by hand. When you place an order, we will be produced. The materials we use are very safe and strong. Our production workers have more than ten years of work experience, and the products they make are very good. The production time depends on the quantity of furniture.

Cabinet advantages

  1. The edges of all furniture are smooth and not sharp, so they are very safe.
  2. Durable and non-fading
  3. Super load-bearing, thick board.
  4. Free installation, very convenient.


Packaging and Shipment

All the cabinets are packed in wooden boxes, with foam boards, pearl cotton, and stretch film wrapped inside.

After the goods are completed, we can ship them to your port or the address you specify. The shipping cost depends on the volume of the goods and your country. If it is shipped to the port, you need to go through customs clearance procedures first, and then pick up the goods. If it is delivered to the door, we will help you clear the customs and ship it to your address.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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