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Popular RUM display stand for sale

Design time: 2-5 working days

Produce time: 15-18 working days


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Are you going to start a business in the shopping center? For small business ideas, open an RMU stand in the mall is a good choice. Because it needs a small amount to start and can also need a small location.

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RMU stand introduction


According to the design photo, we can see the display stand has multiple display layers. It can display showcase items on both sides, which makes full use of space. And can even showcase products in a good way.

The display countertop is tempered glass. Between each shelf are lock cabinets, we can use them to place more products and can even restore items at night

Upon the glass table is a metal frame to support the ceiling. A tilted transparent display stands facing both sides. Clients can see and select things directly. At the bottom of the display, the stand is full of drawers, which increases the storage area and makes the mall kiosk look better.


This RMU stand has a round corner, which can increase the display showcase area and can protect people from hurt. Stainless steel usually protects the kicking. We can even add a brand logo on the mall kiosk ceiling. And clients can see us better from far away.


Its total has two colors to decorate the display stand. The display showcase counter is white, while the base and cabinets area brown wood color. We can also make it other colors such as blue, green, and gray, etc.

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The size is 200cm*80cm*220cm, we can also make other sizes match your location.


Materials include plywood, wood veneer, tempered glass, metal, stainless steel. We can even use marble stone to makes the kiosk looking good and use it for a longer time. Stones usually make the countertop for showcase better and can even use to protect the RMU stand body.

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More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate, stainless steel, etc.
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