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Unique book shape reception desk office reception counter design with factory price

Reception Desk with Light Luxury Style / Straight Front Table in Company or Salon Store

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Light luxury and minimalist style front desk

The design of this reception desk was discussed by our design team based on customer needs. The design style is not European-style complex, nor is it traditional Chinese. We use marble texture, white, and gold to design so that the whole shop environment is more beautiful.


The main color of this reception desk is white, and then there will be golden decorative strips on the top and bottom of the cabinet. Then for the bottom of the reception desk, there will be a light strip. You can also choose the color of the light strip.

There are two locations inside the reception desk that can serve customers. The structures on the left and right sides of the reception desk are similar. Next to the reception desk is a place for speakers, and then a place for feet. In the middle is the storage place. The bottom of the countertop is a drawer, which is convenient for the reception staff to take things.



Imitation marble pattern,

The jazz white imitation marble texture is a very bright color under the light, which can create a sophisticated feeling in the interior.

Golden decorative lines

This kind of line is simple and elegant, which can improve the quality of the entire store.

led light strip

The perfect combination of light and lines can improve the goodwill of customers. The lamp has warm light or cold light to choose from. If you want other colors, we can also customize them.


double-layer counter-tops

The design of double-layer countertops is the current trend of cashier counters. This design not only protects privacy but also improves cleanliness. In this way, office supplies such as jade ornaments at the front desk can be arbitrarily entered to form an integrated sense of sight.

We are a custom manufacturer and can customize the reception desk with all of your needs. If you want to get to the reception desk, just contact us.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials mdf
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