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Factory Sale Hair Cutting Kiosk & Barber Hair Kiosk for Salon Booth with Retail Kiosk Design

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Small barber salon kiosk | hair cut service stand for sale

Purple barber shop kiosk in mall | Beauty salon hair cutting service counter for sale

Customized hair dressing kiosk for sale

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Recently, hair salon spreading fast, we can even find hair dressing shops everywhere. With the fast development of society, more and more people likely to go hair styling shop regularly. Because they wants a unique hair style and showcase their characteristic. When we are going to open a hair cutting shop in a low cost, open a hair salon shop in the mall center is a good choice. Now, I want to introduce a customized hair dressing kiosk to you. Hope it can better help your business.

Purple hair cutting salon station with glass showcase for sale

In the picture, we can see that the purple kiosk has 3 working table to provide hair dressing services. Inside the back wall is a big poster for advertising and on the outside are display showcase to place related products to promote the sales. We can also put glass shelf in the entrance, so that people can take away some favorites products when checkout. Most of our customers require us to add glass display showcase on the counter like this way. We should also add locked cabinets on the bottom, so when in darkness, the tools and shampoo can locked well and won’t be stolen. Brand name is a symbol of our shop and company culture, it’s better to create a brand logo for our hair dressing kiosk. So when production, we can add it directly to the kiosk.

How to assembly the unique hair kiosk?

When you choose Ant Display to manufacture the kiosk, we will production the whole kiosk in our factory and assembly well. Before shipping, we will take photos and videos for confirmation and make sure every part works well. For better delivery, the kiosk will be divided into several parts. So when customers receive the goods, they can put them together and use it, the whole work is very easy and can finish by two people. When you want to know further information, please contact us soon.

More Information
Color purple
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, acrylic, stainless steel, etc.
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