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Professional Mall Cellphone Accessories Design | Custom Creative Mobile Phone Cases Stand To US

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There are many types and brands of mobile phone cases, not to mention the inside. The phone case with the same pattern can be used on different models of mobile phones. The phone case is an important accessory to protect the phone, and it can also be used as a decoration for the phone. Almost everyone who uses it will use a mobile phone case. So it is very popular, many mobile phone cases can also be customized, we can customize the pattern or text we want. In shopping malls, mobile phone case kiosk is very common.

The mobile phone display kiosk is composed of a number of separate showcases. The phone case is very light, it can only be placed flat. In order to allow customers to see their patterns and colors more clearly. We recommend tilting it so that the phone case also has a fulcrum, or you can use the hook to place it.

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Mobile Phone Case Details

Showcases also come in many different shapes and colors. This kiosk is mostly curved and decorated with acrylic light strips, the main color is gray. It has two displays, an inclined display, and a hooks display, as well as a cash counter. With its special shape and red lighting as decoration, it also looks very creative.

Since this kiosk is the full display. There is no place to put the logo, we can install it on the door at the entrance.


Size: 3x2m/10x7ft

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Toe Kick: Stainless steel

Others: Acrylic, LED light, lock


After confirming the 3D design and get the mall approval. We will start production. The kiosk is made in our factory. We will make the shape of the showcase according to the construction drawings, then confirm the color with the customer, and then paint it. The glossy paint looks very shiny and is also very popular with customers. The last is to install glass, logo, and light strips.


Because it is composed of several separate showcases, we pack them separately when packing them. When you receive the goods, you need to place and connect the connectors at the bottom of the adjacent cabinets according to the position of the design drawings. The remaining main wires can be connected to the mall.

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More Information
Color grey
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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