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Stainless Steel Cell Phone Display Table Useful Mobile Phone Showcase Desk with logo for sale

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Phone Display Table Computer Display Stand & Display Counter Phone Store Fixture for Sale

Phone Display Table Display Stand & Veneer Phone Display Counter in Store for Sale

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SCPDT- 1015

There are many display tables on our website, you can choose one that you interested in. You also can choose one that suits the style of your store.

Phone Display Table introduction

The countertop of the mobile phone display table is used to display mobile phones. Because the customer wants to show the phone on both sides and then can experience it on both sides. There is a slit in the middle of the table to put the baffle, and then you can put the charging cable in it. This can maintain the battery power of the phone.

The front of the display table has a poster to advertise the brand. You can put the poster that you needed.

The back of the display table is the display area. The display stand installs the hooks that can display the phone accessories.

At the bottom of the display, a counter is a light strip that we can decorate the display table.

display table


The material of the display table is MDF and the surface of the display table is a veneer. For the color of the veneer, there are also many options to choose from.


Production process:

Before we produce, we need to confirm all the details. First, we need to cut the wooden boards according to the drawings, and then assemble the wooden boards into a wooden cabinet. The second step is veneer. The third step is to install the poster and baseboard.

production process

Packaging: We will use EPE foam to pack the edges and corners of the counter, and fix them with film. Outer packaging we will use MDF to build wooden boxes. Then put the interior package into the outer package.

pacakge and shipping

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF+Veneer
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