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Phone Kiosk Phone Display Counter Mall Kiosk & Mall Kiosk Display Counter for Sale

Phone Accessories Kiosk Phone Kiosk Glass Display Showcase in Retail Store for Sale

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Phone Accessories Kiosk Phone Kiosk Glass Display Showcase in Retail Store for Sale


Although online shopping is very convenient now, at the same time online shopping will worry that the quality of the online stuff is not good enough, and the after-sales service cannot be guaranteed. So more people still like to buy it in physical stores. Especially for large-value products such as mobile phones and laptops, it will be practical only when you apply them.

Therefore, in an era when electronic products are popular, selling mobile phones, computers or accessories are all very good choices.

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The main display of the phone kiosk is the glass display. You can see that it has two types of displays. The kiosk has a glass shelving display case and a glass case display. You can see that there is an L shape display stand, front of the display stand is a logo. You can add your logo to it. One display case is a glass shelving display. There has some glass layer to display the phone. The other type is a glass case to display the goods.

The kiosk includes three colors which are wood, white and red. Color matching plays a decisive role. Good color combinations will have good results.

For the lightbox, Its function is to enable us to better understand the product.



The main material of the phone kiosk is MDF, the surface of the kiosk is baking paint. For the wooden part, we use the veneer. You can have many colors to choose from.

Custom Service

We are a custom manufacturer and can customize the mall kiosks according to your requirements. You can tell us all of your requirements for the kiosk-like the size, color, structure layout, and so on. We will get back all of your needs to our designer. Then you will know the whole effect on the 3d design. If the mall has any requirements, just feel free to tell me. We will assist you to do it to get the approval from the mall.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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