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Jewelry Kiosk Glass Showcase & Jewelry Booth in Retail Store for Sale

Perfume display cabinet high end jewelry display kiosk retail kiosk

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An attractive perfume kiosk can provide you more attention and allow you to make more profit from that. It is very important and you are supported to make a unique and beautiful perfume kiosk.


Product Name

Perfume display kiosk


white, golden and deep grey.






MDF with baking paint, metal





Production  time

25-28 workdays


The color of the kiosk is white, golden and deep grey. These colors make it with a high end and beautiful decoration. It can help you attract more people with economic strength.

The whole kiosk is made of several displays and a sitting area and a reception desk. The display cabinets feature a golden edge, it looks very high. What’s more, it combines with uses ultra clear glass. Compared to ordinary glass, they have a better permeation rate, which can perfectly show the features and charm of the merchandise. And the glass display has a light strip on its round providing enough light. Jewelry can look more beautiful.

The inside has a sitting area. You can sit down here and talk about more product details with your customers. It is the key to leaving a deep good impression and increasing better experience.

jewelry kiosk

The right side has a big display with a mirror. Customers can have a try and directly see the upper effect on the mirror.

Beside, there is a big poster area. You could send us your poster and we will show them in the design. You could choose the whole effect from that.

jewelry kiosk


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF with baking paint
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