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Street ice cream cart | portable push cart mobile food booth stand for sale

Outdoor ice cream cart | stainless steel street stand for sale

Stainless steel ice cream cart for sale

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For people with low budgets, outdoor carts are the best option for them to start a business. In general, we have three forms of doing business. One is to open a store and sell products in the store, the other is to rent a place in the mall and do a kiosk to start the business, and the third is to make an outdoor cart. Among them, the lowest cost is the outdoor cart. We all know that the biggest feature of the outdoor cart is easy to carry, we can move it to wherever we want to go. The cart we show today is an ice cream cart.

Outdoor ice cream cart

We can see the ice cream cart design. It looks very beautiful, on the countertop is a topping displaying ice cream and a sink and cash register machine. Ice cream topping and the front glass baffle is a very cute shape. It can prevent customers from directly in contact with ice cream or block some contamination from the outside. A cooler can be placed in the cabinet below the ice cream topping, which prevents the ice cream from melting. Next to the ice cream is a small sink, it can use to wish your hands or the tools. The shutter at the top is retractable. We can supply covers if you need. When you finish the work, it can be closed completely, and it looks like a small sealed house with high security. You can put your contact information on the covers. Like your social media account. If customers are interested in your products, they can follow you. You can also develop your brand.

This ice cream cart size is 2x0.95m, when you open the cart, its height is 2.1m, when you close the cart, its height is 1.875m. This cart is made of stainless steel. We can provide and install the logo, sink, and ice cream topping. If you have anything to buy, you can tell us and we can arrange it for you. We will install the socket according to the standards of your country. When you receive the goods, you don’t need to install anything, then you can use it.

How do I get the cart I want?

  1. Contact us and tell me your business or requirements about the cart. Then we will according to your requirements to design the cart. The design deposit is 300USD when we place an order, it will be returned to you. So the design is free. Design time is 2-4 working days when we receiving the design deposit.
  2. After confirming the design and construction drawing. You need to pay a 50% order deposit. Then we will start production. The production time is 18-25 working days.
  3. During the production, I will take you video or pictures, you can track the process at any time.
  4. When finishing the production, you need to pay a 50% balance payment, when received it, we will ship the cart to your country. You can tell me your nearest port or your address, we will check the shipping fee to you. Our mode of transportation is by sea, you can tell us if you need to be by air.

If you still have any questions, please contact us.

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Color purple
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Stainless steel, Tempered glass
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