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Outdoor Beach Yacht Props Rental Kiosk For Sale

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The seaside is a sacred place for vacations. Many people take their children to the seaside to play on their off days. There are many games to play on the beach. So the seaside has always been a very lively place. Near the beach, we can see many small stalls, some of them sell swimsuits, hats, some sell drinks and snacks, and some specialize in selling marine products. Such as yachts, or swimming rings. 

Today I’m going to introduce the outdoor kiosks used on the beach. Inside are some counters that can store our products. The four sides are open, and our products can also be placed directly on the countertop. The name of the product we sell can be placed on the outside of the kiosk so that customers can know what we sell.

outdoor display stand

The logo is placed on the top of the four sides of the kiosk, which can develop our brand well. Its appearance is a bit like a container, which is the main tool for loading cargo at sea, so it is very suitable to try it here. Many people will choose containers as outdoor stores.

retail counter

Size: 3x3x2.6m

Material: Iron, Solid wood, Acrylic logo, Baking paint

retail kiosk

From the design drawing, we can clearly see its shape, display method, and effect. This type of kiosk can be customized. If you want to build an outdoor kiosk, we can customize it according to your location, brand, and requirements.

Design time: 2-3 working days

Design fee: 400USD


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Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Metal
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