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A variety of display cabinets can enrich the content of our shop. The volume of the glasses is relatively small, and there are many ways to display them. When we buy furniture in an optical shop, we generally choose cabinets with different display methods. The wall display cabinet has a glass shelves display, wood shelves display, lattice display, and so on. Others include glass display cabinets and spectacle case displays. The ones I will introduce today are common cabinets for displaying glasses.

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Its color is dark, mainly black and gray. It is made of a black metal frame and wooden boards. They can all be used together. It has four categories, and each category is very practical.

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  1. The wood is made of E1 grade laminate, cement gray paint-free finish, good wear-resistance, and dirt-resistance texture.
  2. The hole board adopts sand surface iron art spraying treatment, the surface of the frosted particles is fine and beautiful, and it is used with a small hook.
  3. Rectangular label tag, laser-cut, with a groove on the side, simple and practical.

glasses cabinet

  1. Hook type glasses display rack, cross welded. The end of the frame body is slightly warped, effectively preventing the glasses from slipping off.
  2. The glasses case is made of PVC, with ample surface, soft hand feeling, and bright color.
  3. Reserve the poster frame position to display the store promotion posters.

glasses display

  1. The frame is fixed by screws, the structure is firm and reliable, and the inner side is punched with screws to lock the wall, which is not easy to sway.
  2. The frame is fixed by movable buckle pieces, and the height of the buckle pieces can be flexibly adjusted on the iron frame. The laminate can be disassembled and assembled for flexible use.
  3. The cabinet door adopts damping hinges to reduce the impact force, with a good cushioning effect and silence.

retail cabinet

The above are the details of these display cabinets. You can buy the right style and quantity according to your own needs.

All our furniture is individually packed in wooden boxes. The main packaging materials are pearl cotton, stretch film, foam board, and a wooden box. So it is very safe. You can use it directly after you receive the goods. 

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Color grey
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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