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Optical shops are often seen in our lives. Optical shops have different styles, simple styles, light luxury styles, and other products.

You can the glasses display stand, it has several types to choose from.

Oval Display Stand: The display stand has three parts to build. The top of the display stand has a small stand to display the glass showcase. The oval shape counter will make the whole display stand more bright and unique.

Display Table: the display table is 1565*585*850mm. The top of the display table has some small cases to put the glasses to display the glasses. For the bottom of the table, there is a moveable storage cabinet and can store your goods.

The Display Stand: The top of the counter has a display board with some small cases to display the glasses. Then next, it is a table and can support the display board.


The main material is MDF, and then the surface is Veneer. Regarding the color of the stone pattern, we have two types, one is a sticker and the other is a stone.

Production Process

Firstly, we need to make the wooden cabinet according to the drawings firstly. After the wooden cabinet, we will do stick the veneer and sticker. If you want the stone effect, we also can do the stone.

Support Custom Service

We are a custom manufacturer and can customize the display stand for you. You can tell us what kind of display stand do you want? Then we will do the display stand with all of your needs like the size, color, and layout.


The production time will take about 18-22working days, the shipping fee based on which port is near to you.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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