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File cabinets are very common in many companies, and we need to use a lot of materials. There are also many documents and archives to store. The best way is to buy some file cabinets. File cabinets are also very commonly used in schools because there are so many materials in schools. Generally, the upper part of the file cabinet is a glass display window, and the lower part is a storage cabinet. Let's take a look at a few practical cabinets today. 

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Office Filing Cabinet Details

There are several types of filing cabinets, including the all-glass cabinets, two-part cabinets, large equipment file cabinets, third-part inner cabinets, five-part cabinets, and certificate cabinets, etc.

Their material is cold rolled steel plate, the surface is sprayed with electrostatic powder, which is very safe. and the color is off-white. The material can also choose wooden material, and the surface treatment can use baking and laminate, and the colors are solid color and wood grain color.


  1. Adjustable shelf, the height of the inner side is determined according to the needs.
  2. Steel anti-theft locks
  3. High load-bearing slide
  4. Exquisite handle, smooth and not hurting your handsdisplay showcase

Packaging & Shipment

Our wall cabinets are not disassembled and assembled, they are also packaged as a whole when they are packed. We use wooden box packaging with foam boards on the inside. Our packing box is very sturdy.

We can ship the goods to your port. When the goods arrive at the port, the staff will contact you. You need to arrange customs clearance before picking up the goods. You can also hire an agent to help you deal with port affairs.

We can also ship the goods to the address you specify. The transportation time is about 25-40 days. When you receiving the goods, you can use them directly.



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Color grey
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Steel
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