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Nordic Light Luxury Tables & Chairs | Bubble Tea Shop Small Round Table

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The rounded wood grain table is suitable for many occasions. It is generally used as a leisure table or a negotiation table. We know that there are many types of tables. There are occasions where only a specific table can be used so that it looks coordinated.

Today I mainly introduce the table and chair set, a table with two chairs. The color and type of the chair can be selected.

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This kind of table is versatile, it can be used in clothing stores, office rest areas, gyms, milk tea shops, etc.


Three chair seat materials

leather chairThe leather is easier to clean, and the suede is easier to get dirty, but it is very comfortable to sit up. Cotton and linen have better heat absorption and air permeability, but the appearance is rougher and harder. There are customer choices for these three materials, mainly depending on your own ideas.

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comfortable chair



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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Wood
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