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Colorful juice bar kiosk bubble tea kiosk used in mall

fresh juice bar kiosk

2.5m by 2m fancy fresh juice bar kiosk mall beverage booth design with juice counter for sale

Multi-functional Customized Juice Beverage Kiosk Modern Mall Smoothies Stand Design

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In the summer stage, people always like to drink juice or any beverage to solve the thirsty or just for a cool feel. So there are many juice, or bubble tea shops in the street, outdoor or some booths in the mall. Are you looking for one multi-functional juice kiosk?

The juice kiosk design

This is the white juice kiosk with some wood stripes decorations in the mall. The size is 4*3m This one kiosk can offer all kinds of the juice and the smoothies.

At the front side, two display boards are with the juice and smoothies posters to attract the people.The front counter, one is for the cash register and another one is for many small wells to hold the smoothies, and the tempered glass as the top of the wells area. At the kiosk wall, it can be designed the luminous logo signs.

The right part counter is the small long table for customers to enjoy the juice, so there are some stools too. There are three counters holding all kinds of the machines, which can let staff work conveniently and improve the efficiency. So many machines can offer many beverages and other food to people. The refrigerators can be put below the counter and the cabinets of the counter can storage the materials and some tools.

At the back side, which is designed with a small door, and the poster and logo signs, then people can know the kiosk sells what from the back side too. And some LED light stripe are decorated on the kiosk to make it bright.

Why choose us

The kiosk is high cost performance and excellent quality with using the good material. We can customize the kiosk according to customers’ needs. We are the factory which can offer the excellent design with the factory price.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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