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Customized Salon Kiosk & Nail Bar Station for Manicure Kiosk for Sale

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Small nail booth nail display kiosk used in mall

Modern Simple Nail Beauty Kiosk Fashion Muti-functional Manicure Kiosk

The style can be customized

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Girls in addition to often change dress modeling, even nails to change a new color, looking at the delicate nail painting mood is better. To make the nail beauty is also a fashion. There are some nail beauty shops in the mall, but if a shop cost is too much for you, you can think about the kiosk. As long as you have the place in the mall, you can own one kiosk which seems a small shop for you.

The nail kiosk design

The main color of the nail kiosk is white with some pink decoration. The size is 12*10ft, which is enough big. The size can be customized according to the size you get from the mall. One side of the kiosk are the seats with pink decoration for customers to make the beauty nail. The table and chairs in the middle too, there are total five stations. Another side is the showcase to display the nail polish, and one counter is for the cash register. At the long side is designed with a small glass display showcase and one small sink for the staff and customers to wash the hands. There are several colorful decorations on this side to attract. On board can be showed something for advertisement. Another long side is also with the glass display showcase for the customers to choose the polish they like. The logo and poster also on the kiosk to show the people. This kiosk is simple but multi-functional.

To design one kiosk with the feature is very special, which can be customized it base on your ideas, and we just make it realize for you. We have a design team to make the 3D design including the effect, floor plan and technology drawing. Welcome you to tell us your requirements.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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