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Wooden Mobile Phone Accessories Kiosk | Simple Style Cellphone Case Booth To UK

Modern Cellphone Accessories Kiosk New Customized Mobile Phone Indoor Display Counter

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People's lives have become more and more inseparable from mobile phones, and various mobile phone accessories are also emerging endlessly. I think if you want to start your mobile phone accessories business, you must choose a good display case. Today this one is very good.


Product Description

Cellphone Accessories Kiosk Details

This is a kiosk that can not only sell cellphone and various accessories but also allow you to repair your phone. Although it looks very small from the picture, you can make good use of it to display the products you sell. Considering the practical type, we have designed many glass window display cabinets for you all around, even behind the repair table, we have used it to install glass transparent display cabinets, so that you can display many accessories and products, and minimize it the entire kiosk occupies space.


You can observe from the picture that its layout is also very simple. The front part of the kiosk is mainly used to display products, and the black counter at the back is a repair workbench. Very simple and practical.

Main material

Similarly, the craftsmanship and materials required for its production are also very simple. It is mainly made of MDF, and the surface is baking painted. The surface is very smooth and beautiful. Other materials are tempered glass and LED lights used inside some display cabinets. Let your customers clearly observe the details of the displayed products.

Easy Installation

Due to the transportation, we need to divide your kiosk into several big parts. We will install the small things inside, you only need to connect the male and female wires after receiving the goods, and you can use it after powering on.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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