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Mini mobile ice cream cart outdoor use food trolley share with you

still looking for a small unit to start your business?can try a mobile cart, here has a mobile food cart share you
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Seem mobile food cart becomes more and more popular recent years.When you go on street you will easy find some mobile food carts.Because they are very convenient to sell food and drinks, they comes with wheels, can move and change places easily.Where have a lot people they you can move it where.And do a food cart cost is very small, no need high rent.So more and more people choose to a mobile food cart used for outdoors instead of making a mall kiosk.If you are firstly started on your business, you can try a outdoor food cart, it will be a good choice.

Here today I want to share you a nice mobile ice cream cart:


See this ice cream cart, it is 1.6m by 0.6m on photo, it is not big but very functional in fact.The front comes with a cake display fridge, then countertop has a ice cream display fridge for displaying ice cream.Back are cabinets for storage.It is blue color with nice ice cream patterns, match colorful tent looks very I wan to mention materials, many customers always asked.The cart body used is stainless steel, surface finished by paint, then countertop used is white stone.So you no need afraid use for outdoor it will broken, all materials are weather-proof.


Some detailed info share you:

  • Size: 6m by 0.6m
  • Material:stainless steel,baking paint,stone countertop
  • Surface: bluebaking paint
  • Color: blue and white
  • Style: functionaland mobile
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle,locks
  • Production time:18-20work days


You may have belowing questions:
1. do you accept customize?

A:yes, we accept. we have professional design team, can help design the kiosk as your needs. So we will need know your size, want what color,sell what food etc. then we will design for you see effect.
2. how to assemble the cart?
A:assemble is very easy in fact. before loading we will finish all asemble, we will go wires, lights, electricity, logo, signs will all fixed. We will load it just whole piece,when you received,you just need to install the tent and get electricity then can use.

If you also want to make a food cart, just feel free to contact us.

More Information
Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 1.6*0.8m
Materials stainless steel,baking paint
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