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New Zealand Crepe Food Booth Waffle Kiosk For Shopping Mall

Lovely crepe kiosk | Portable waffle & crepe stand fast food cabinet with stone counter supplier

Customized crepes kiosk with man made stone counter top for sale

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Because of unique taste, more and more people likes crepes and waffles recently. Crepes are batters made of thin noodles and water. It has less moisture and is dry, shaped like cowhide, easy to accumulate, gluten flavor, and resistant to hunger after eating. Eating pancakes can produce a healthy stomach, promote appetite, promote facial nerve movement, help maintain vision, hearing and olfactory nerve health, delay aging, is an excellent health food. Therefore, more and more people wants to open a crepe shop and earn money. When planning our business, open a mall kiosk to sell crepes, waffles and pancakes in the mall center is a good way to make a fortune.

3m×3m crepe kiosk in mall

From the design picture, we can see the basic color is yellow and brown, which can better showcase the crepes. In the front side, we can see there are two crepe machines with topping in the counter. People can view the menu in the high stand and checkout in the right side. Microwave and other machines put on the back counter, there are glass board to separate people way from the machines. We saw 3 smiley signs on the counter, showing the deliciousness of the crepes and attracts more clients.

The counter top use man made stones, which is easy to clean and makes the kiosk stronger to use. We will add light, cables inside the kiosk and assembly well from our factory. So when customers receive the goods, they can use it directly. For better delivery, the kiosk will be packaged in several cartons. And we will note numbers like 1,2,3,..., on the outside box to showcase the counters. Therefore, when follow the instructions and put them together, it’s very easy to finish by two people. If you still have questions about production and installation, please feel free to contact us. Our sales teammates will share more information with you.

More Information
Color yellow
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate, stone, acrylic, stainless steel, glass, etc.
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