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Optical display cabinet for eyewear shop interior design

Lighting Optical Display Cabinet Custom Eyewear Wall Display Counter Sunglasses Shop Display Showcase Design

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Wall display counters don’t need too much decoration, it can let customers' attention put on the showing products. Especially for those small and large number of products, wall display cabinets are a good choice.


Products Details

This wall display cabinet we introduced is the best choice for you to display your glasses products. Its structure is very simple. As we can see from the photo, it is mainly composed of two parts. Glasses products display area and products storage area.


Regarding the display area of glasses products, we provide you with a variety of solutions. There are two styles of hook type and tempered glass partition for your choice. The hook can save part of your cost, and it does not take up your space, allowing you to display more products. The tempered glass partition makes your display cabinet looks more high-end, neat, and beautiful.

In addition, the head area of the display counter can be used to show your poster or logo, saving you a certain of space.


There is a storage cabinet at the bottom of the display counter, which is convenient for you to store your products. We also provide you with a variety of options to maximize your needs. There are mainly two styles of the flat door and multi-layer drawer type for your reference.


Material Introduction

The display cabinet is mainly made of MDF or plywood. It is up to you to choose.

The product showing area of a single display cabinet can be reinforced with the metal frame to make it using longer.

A Variety Of Options

We provide you with a single display cabinet and a combination display counter to let you select. There is a mirror in the middle of a combination display cabinet, it is convenient for customers to try the glasses products out.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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