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New arrival diamond display booth retail jewelry kiosk with glass showcase

New arrival diamond display booth retail jewelry kiosk with glass showcase

Jewelry Accessories Display Showcase Simple Wood Counter

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People often need to buy many accessories to match their makeup and clothing, and also need to adjust according to their mood. And accessories are not very expensive, if you are in this business, today this kiosk is a good example.

Jewelry Accessories Display


This is a very large display cabinet for jewelry and accessories. We did not make it into a ring style. Because the overall size is too large, customers cannot try the products when the products are displayed in the middle area, so we reserve a relatively large space in the middle.

Jewelry Accessories Display

The display of the countertop is very different from many previous styles. It is no longer a simple countertop display part but uses its overall characteristics to design a ladder display form so that customers can see the effect of product display on each floor, and at the same time, You can also display as many products as possible.

Jewelry Accessories Display

The bottom space of the display cabinet is designed with a lot of drawers and cabinet space, so that you can store a lot of items, which is very convenient to use. The interior of the cabinet is designed with many shelving shelves, allowing you to arrange other products in an orderly manner. We adopt a simple style for the light stand on the top and basically use spotlights, which can provide maximum lighting for your products.

Jewelry Accessories Display Showcase

The entire display cabinet is made of wood grain-colored laminated material, which is very natural and environmentally friendly. A uniform hue also accentuates your product display, allowing customers to focus on what you're displaying.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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