How to match the color and lighting of the jewelry showcase

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     firstly:If you want to open a jewelry store, then the action of custom jewelry showcase is a must.But before the jewelry manufacturer makes the showcase, you must first determine the drawings. That is, you have to have your own design plan, of course if you don’t, We can also provide design here, we have professional 3D drawing design engineers,You can design any style you want. Today, I will take you to understand how to match colors and lights in the production of jewelry showcase.
      secondly :. Regarding the lighting of the jewelry showcase, first of all, we must be clear about the products to be placed in each counter. Then choose the light according to the needs of the product. For example, warm white light (about 3000K) is recommended for gold products.In this way, the gold produced by the color temperature is more textured. If yellow or white light is used, the color of the gold will be too dark or distorted;
‌Neutral light (around 4300K) for jade,  and pearl products cannot be more appropriate;
pearls, and white pearls are very white in themselves, and it is more appropriate to use a white light with a color temperature of about 5000K;
‌Diamonds, platinum, and color gold products use warm white light (about 6000K), and the diamonds can be dazzling and dazzling.
‌Silver ornaments use cold white light (above 7000K). Silver ornaments are generally white. Only cold white light can reflect the texture and brightness of silver ornaments.
Different jewellery products have corresponding color temperatures, and the products have rich visual levels and good product textures to attract people.
The lighting design in the jewelry showcase first comes from the LED light source around the top of the ceiling.
While ensuring the overall brightness, the product can be illuminated by different color light sources.
      third:  the jewelry  placed in the showcase window, we use LED spotlights to illuminate a certain category of products with the light-focusing effect of LED spotlights.Make the effect of product irradiation unique. In particular, the diamond showcase can stimulate customers to purchase through the illumination and reflection of the diamond's angular texture.
      fourthly: Regarding the color matching of jewelry showcase, the products displayed in the jewelry showcase are different, so different products have different characteristics.So you need to use suitable colors to set off it. The colors in the design of the jewelry store counter are generally no more than three colors, just like people matching clothes.The more commonly used is the classic black, white and gray. The harmonious colors make people positive, bright, relaxed and happy, and it is easier to bring good impressions to consumers.
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