How to distinguish, how to select a good donut juice kiosks ?

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      Kiosk are now an indispensable display prop for our store opening. it is an essential medium for product display,  The design and decoration of kiosk directly affect the image of product display: a set of high-end kioskk will enhance our store. Brand value brings sales. So how to choose a high-quality kiosk?
firstly:  performance
       Waterproof design should be added to the countertop to prevent the water on the countertop from falling onto the kiosk, which is also a guarantee for the long-term use of the kiosk.Water is an important reason for the decay of the kiosk. The countertop of our donut kiosk is made of artificial marble.The table surface is smooth, easy to clean dirt and impurities. The edges are sealed with high temperature and high pressure. After the edges are sealed, the appearance is neat and firm, so as to avoid damage to the donut kiosk  by long-term use of moisture and make the kiosk more durable.
secondly: environmental protection
        In the process of making kiosk props, we should also pay attention to the environmental protection of the showcase material. Consumers should pay attention to watching when buying,We promise that the materials we make are to purchase environmentally friendly materials to ensure the health of the kiosk to the human body, in terms of smell.Some harmful gases have great harm to the human body. , We use environmentally friendly MDF, environmentally friendly coating PU paint.Using environmentally friendly paint, it is not only odorless, but also harmless to the human body. Excellent anti-rust performance. The paint dries quickly and adheres firmly.
Thirdly:  style
        with the displaying of the kiosk, the business turnover will definitely not increase. Therefore, a set of high-end kiosk not only have a beautiful appearance, but also affect the store's sales.It will leave an intuitive impression on consumers. The good or bad first impression determines the consumer's desire to buy, and the desire to buy first needs a door design effect that attracts customers. So how can we make the design and decoration vivid and fashionable, and attract consumers’ attention? Let’s take this donut kiosk as an example. The donuts kiosk looks beautiful and have a round shape, which looks very high-end atmosphere.
, The round shape of this kiosk is also in line with the theme of the product donuts sold, so that tippers are attracted by this beautiful donut kiosk at a glance, and it also raises the level of donuts. The internal space area of the product is large, and many equipment and machines can be placed, Also specially designed tables and chairs to provide customers with more convenience.
Fouthly: quality
      customers must choose solid and durable dessert cabinets. If it is damaged after a year or a half, it will bring trouble to the daily work of the merchants. Fromthe perspective of the manufacturing process of the showcase
For example, the welding technology of kiosk, from the perspective of the overall kiosk, there are not many hooks on the beams, and they are not reliable. On the other hand, it also depends on the surface treatment. The painted surface is smooth, flat, and consistent in color. Then, we can determine that it is a good kiosk。
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Color brown
Dimension 10*8ft
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF ,Plywod, tempered glass, hareware accessories, light box,ect.
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