frozen yogurt

Customized Frozen Yogurt Kiosk for Ice Cream Counter for Sale

frozen yogurt kiosk

Customized Frozen Yogurt Display Counter & Ice Cream Kiosk for Bubble Tea Counter for Sale

Hot Selling the Frozen Yogurt Kiosk for Gelato Display Stand in Retail Store for Sale

Customized Yogurt Kiosk

Including all the drawers and cabinets, logo, wires, lamp belt and sockets, same lock with key

the 3d design and construction drawings will get the approval from the mall

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The benefits of yogurt for people are incalculable. Drinking a cup of yogurt every day and insisting on it for a month will really have a great effect on the human body. For example, there is no longer constipation, and intestinal function has improved. For people with high blood pressure, cholesterol is reduced; obese patients insist on drinking yogurt for a month, and their weight has been reduced; female friends drink yogurt for a month, their skin turns white, and people become more beautiful. So many people will seize this opportunity to sell their products.

Customized Unique Kiosk in retail Store for Sale

A good place to sell the frozen yogurt is really necessary. Because the good place can attract more people, then you can sell more yogurt.

After you got the place from the mall, you can conatct us to produce the yogurt kiosk. the we can start to do the design according your the size and your needs. When you satisfy the design. Then we will workout the construction drawings. Then you can take this to get the approval from the mall.

Product Details

Size ,4x4m


Surface, baking paint

Color, purple

Style , Modern design

Glass, 8mm clear tempered glass

Hardware, stainless steel handle

Others, Acrylic logo, light box, lock

How to customized the yogurt kiosk?

Contact our designer, and tell us all of your requirements about the kiosk, we will add your requirements on the design.

Before we do the design, 300$ for the design deposit but will deduce from the total cost when you order.

Provide 3D design design with different angles, and free kiosk revise service until you are satisfied with the effect.

Make detailed construction drawings which includes all the materials, dimensions , and circuit diagram.

Get the drawing approved from mall , we will assist you modify necessary changes to get the approval from the mall.

Pay a 50% deposit to start the manufacturing procedure of the mall kiosk

When kiosk finished before shipping, you arrange the rest balance


Before loaded it, we will install the yogurt kiosk in our factory. During the time, we will take the video and photos for you. Then packed it divided into several part for convenient transportation. When you receive the kiosk, you just connect the wire together. The yogurt kiosk can work.


Our package is foam inside and wooden box outside which is very strong. If there are damaged during the shipping, we will get the compensation from the shipping company.



More Information
Color purple
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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